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Nordic skiing and snowshoeing

Esquí de fondoUnder the generic name of Nordic skiing, we can group different modalities whose common characteristics could be the absence of facilities and infrastructures (unlike in the alpine ski) and the way to fix the boots to the skis, permitting to let heels untied.

The two best known modalities are cross-country skiing and mountain skiing.

Snowshoeing and Nordic skiing are becoming more and more popular and they are one of the most interesting ways to get the summits of the Sierra de Guadarrama in winter, as they allow to reach sites and trails which are almost inaccessible when snowfall is copious.


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Trineos en el Puerto de CotosSledding is perhaps one of the funniest ways to enjoy snowpack. A practice which followers number is increasing, but requires a responsible use to avoid accidents, both to the users themselves and the rest of the visitors.

The use of sleds should be done with caution and with the right equipment. The speed or poor control of the sled can cause accidents, sometimes very serious. Be careful with other users, especially with children.

According to the PORN of the Sierra de Guadarrama and the PRUG of Peñalara, it is permitted only in Special Zones (Puerto de Navacerrada and Valdesquí), in Transitional Zones and in those other sites the competent environmental agency can enable for this purpose, which in this case are Los Cotos Pass designated areas. Sliding on snow with plastics or other non-standard elements is prohibited.

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Winter ascents

Escalada en hieloThe surroundings of the National Park are considered as Mediterranean high mountains, where winter time can show its hardest side, accumulating snow and ice that allow all kinds of typically alpine ascents. Climbing channels, ridges, shovels, icy walls, etc. are attractive for mountaineers. Plenty of itineraries that, depending on how winter comes, could be more or less technical, attractive and even dangerous.

This page is only intended to give a brief notice on where the main points in which to practice these modalities are, as well as some basic recommendations for safety and maintenance, since there is a great number of specific publications collecting broadly the trails and ascents.

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SnowboardIt is becoming more frequent to use snowboards instead of skis to make descents. They are usually used in two manners, either just to glide or to make jumps and stunts. The danger of these practices or the risks they may cause to the rest of the users, makes it necessary to rule and reconcile all interests, granting safety at the same time. Therefore, practitioners are urged to tread carefully, avoiding aggressive forms that may cause accidents and conflicts with other visitors. Take special care in shady zones that can freeze, because control is much smaller.

Thus, current regulation only allows their use in the Special Areas of PORN (Puerto de Navacerrada and Valdesquí) and Transitional Zones, as well as in the Peñalara Massif and other areas under Peñalara PRUG provisions. Reservation is established only in Los Cotos Pass, in which there are specific enabled areas, due to the great number of visitors and danger which could result for other users, especially those who slide on sleds or take walks. In the whole area of Peñalara, jumps for acrobatic modalities are not permitted, except in the areas above mentioned and marked for that purpose.

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Winter Zoning in Los Cotos Pass

Zonas área invernalThe Sierra de Guadarrama National Park has a free winter recreation area where you can practice cross-country skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

To make compatible these activities with each other and with other activities that are carried out in the Peñalara Massif, there are specific areas for each one. Those areas, marked on the ground, are:

  • Sleds area: there are two, one exclusively for CHILDREN up to 7 years. It is forbidden to slip with plastics or other means entering a risk for users and other visitors.
  • Snowboard area: snowboarding is allowed in Los Cotos Pass marked areas. In the rest of the massif slipping (not jumping), is permitted, excepting in areas with risk for other visitors.
  • Cross-country skiing area: for classic and skater modalities. Depending on the snow season, cross-country ski track reaches 5 km of excellent quality hard snow. Access is free, while companies with commercial purposes must apply for authorization at the Peñalara Visitors Center, as well as groups of more of 15 people. In addition, companies wishing to use this track for their activities must have qualified instructors. There is an area for beginners.
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